On Variable Declarations: Slices

Thoughts on what the different slice declaration methods mean

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Type, *Type, Receivers & Interfaces

I've recently seen a bit of confusion around types, pointers to types, receivers for the two and interfaces. I'm going to try to clarify that confusion a bit with some examples.

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Deploying Go Apps to Heroku with Docker

Using the Heroku Docker cli plugin to deploy a Go application to Heroku.

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Go 1.5's vendor/ experiment

An exploration of Go 1.5's vendor/ experiment.

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Go + Heroku : Hello World

Quick Start guide to deploying a simple 'Hello World' Go application to Heroku.

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Why Apple, not Google?

I've been reading a lot of stuff about Apple's new products this week ( Watch, iPhone 6 & Pay). This got me thinking about why I, for the most part, prefer Apple products over Google products.

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Why I Like Go

I visited with PagerDuty yesterday for a little Friday beer and pizza. While there I got started talking about Go. I was asked by their CEO, why I liked it. Several other people have asked me the same question recently, so I figured it was worth posting.

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About Steal

Steal can only be measured when the VM wants to use CPU, but the hypervisor decided to run a different VM. i.e. something like 25% steal means that 25% of the time the vm was doing nothing when it really really wanted to do something.

Firefly QOTD

Fans want to watch their shows...

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Some Rick Hickley talks to watch

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