Attempting to Loose an Eye and a Great Trip on 413

Today started out with a nice ride to the gym. The weather was nice and cool, there were very few cars on the road, etc. Because I was going to the gym I needed to take my gym bag with me. Because I was on the motorcyle I needed to bungie cord said gym bag to the back of the bike.

I do this with two bungie cords. I hook each one on the helmet lock, loop them around the top and over to the other helmet lock. This secures the bag pretty nicely. So when I got to the gym I parked the bike, took off my helmet and attempted to lock it onto the bike. Note, I haven’t removed my gym bag yet! One of the bungie cords slipped of the open helmet lock, and attempted to take out my right eye. Luckily I had my glasses on, which probably saved my right eye. Dumb Ass! Take the bungie cord off before opening up the helmet lock! After the gym (Sholders and Back + Cardio) I met my wife and son at Cracker Barrel (so much for the gym). After Cracker Barrel we went to the mall, scheduled pictures for Liam’s birthday and spent some of his birthday money from last year on clothes for him. After all that Raquel and Liam headed home and I went out for a ride.

I rode down Campbell Ave to 160 / 13 South. Stopped in Highlandville, MO for a drink and a rest. From there I continued south on 160/13S to just before Branson West. At this point I decided I’d gone far enough, but I just didn’t want to turn around and head home, traveling up the same route. So I made a right onto 413 / 265.

Now the interesting thing is that 413 is just down the block from my house. So I was a little surprised to see it also down near Branson.

The ride up 413 was really great. Lots of little twists and turns, especially early on. It straightens out later, but there’s plenty of twisties before that. I ended up riding with three others too. Never had a chance to stop and get their names and talk to them though.

On the way back I got some pictures of a few Abrams tanks on a train.