Long time, no post.

Yeah, so long time no post. Which means a lot’s been going on.I traded my Suzuki Intruder in for a Victory Vegas. I’ll post pictures soon. It’s a yellow/silver two tone 2006 model. Since then I’ve upgraded the pipes, installed a new seat and added saddle bags. I’m going to get a sissy bar and a luggage rack and this new digital tac/odometer/speedometer/etc when it’s available.

I bought it three weeks ago as of Oct 16 and I’ve already put over 1500 miles on it.

I took and passed the MSF course back in September. So I have the motorcycle endorsement on my license now.

My son, Liam, turned 2 years old on September 30. Not many people came to his party though. I’m just happy that he’s too young to really be upset by that.