I'm an apple convert!

I’ve drunk the cool-aid.

Last week I got my 15” Mac Book Pro and it’s a really awesome machine. OS X is really nice and all the apps pretty much just work. Took a little getting used to at first, but I’ve more or less got the feel of it. Still getting confused with what is effectively 5 meta keys (Apple/Alt/Ctrl/Fn/Shift) a bunch, but time will solve that. Plus I get BSD under the hood, so I can install all my favorite (and necessary) tools for work via Fink. Some software that I’ve found useful so far (aside from FireFox):

Since I sometimes need to run an actual MS Windows environment I ordred a copy of Parrallels (should be here later today .. dunno why I didn’t just download it). I’ll need to find my copy of Windows XP Home to install. If you know of any other cool/useful/fun/etc OSX Software please let me know.

Now … All I need to get is a Mac Mini (or better), an Apple TV, Airport Extreme & of course an iPhone … :-) Must Needs Live the iLife. :-)