For sale sold - Victory Vegas

Well, it looks like I have a buyer for my 06 Victory Vegas!

Now … I just need to decide which of the two Triumphs I want… Tiger or Sprint ST

Most of my thoughts have been laid out in a thread I started on T595, a Triumph enthusiasts site. At the moment I am leaning towards the Sprint ST for the following reasons:

  1. Comes with bags standard (i.e. will cost less for me since … I need bags)
  2. Decent ergonomics (although not as good as the Tiger’s)
  3. Great wind protection (which is also a drawback sometimes too .. that full fairing has to catch a lot of wind)
  4. Hauls ass. Not that the Tiger doesn’t … The Sprint is just snappier IMHO.
  5. Known design. The Tiger 1050 is a NEW bike. Give it a year or so to shake out. Mind you it seems like it’s totally solid, so this is probably me being paranoid.
I figure if I end up disliking this bike after a year I can trade it in for a new … or used Tiger 1050 next year. Just need to not spend so much on upgrades. Which I figure will be easier. The only things I can think of upgrading on the bike are the grips (to heated) and exhaust (to one that breathes better). I understand there is a touring windscreen, but I don’t remember disliking the stock one when I rode it.

All of those mods I would want to make to the Tiger anyway … plus I need to buy bags.

I am hoping this will actually be the last personal motorcycle purchase for me for the next few years. Sans … starting a motorcycle related business that is…..