The week in review

  • I got's myself an iPhone. It's not all it's hyped up to be, but it works better than any phone I've ever used. Plus it's a pretty nice iPod. And it's very, very usable for email, unlike my last phone (Palm Treo 650).
  • I saw the Bourne Ultimatum. Pretty good, not great, but pretty good.
  • I tuned up my motorcycle with TuneBoy. I haven't had a chance to put on my Off Road silencer yet though. The new tune has made a noticeable difference in the engine performance. Gone is the 'dead' area between 5K and 7K rpms. The throttle is almost completely linear now. It handles much nicer, and it was nice to begin with.
  • I'm going to help a Baboon tomorrow pick up his motorcycle.
  • I also fixed the comment forms and perma links on the site.