Hard, Cold February

This February has been pretty hard on me.

I spent the first 9 days of it in NJ, working on Engine Yard’s ey03 cluster. I was actually there for 14 days total as the trip started in January.

While I was there my mother was diagnosed with brain cancer. Brain cancer is terminal. The best thing the doctor’s can do is to reduce the size of the tumors with radiation and chemotherapy. That just buys her time.

When I came home, my wife was sick with some nasty virus. I didn’t even give her a kiss. But I still got the bug. And as of 2 / 17, I’m still a little sick. Even started loosing my voice today.

If being sick doesn’t interfere with it I have a fine needle aspiration test to undergo on Tuesday to determine if my thyroid’s cold nodule is cancerous or not. As the doctor said, “All cancerous nodules are cold, but not all cold nodules are cancerous”. It’s unlikely that it’s cancerous though. So here’s to hoping.

The whole family should also be going to Sacramento, CA on Thursday to look at houses and for me to take care of some EY business.

Oh, and my roof needs to be replaced thanks to crappy MO weather.

Icing, cake.