This was my first RailsConf. I figured it would be bigger for some reason. In retrospect I’m not sure why I originally thought that. It was bigger than the last conference I went to, which was PyCon 2007.

I didn’t get to go to many of the talks I wanted to go to, mostly because I was spending time either working on the Engine Yard Express Image, at the booth talking with customers and potential customers or chatting with other Engine Yard Employees I hadn’t met face to face before.

It was really cool to meet various customers that I’ve worked with previously. I also finally got to meet David Chelimsky face to face. I’ve worked with him for a while now via Articulatedman, who was a customer of Interlix, my old hosting company.

Ezra announced the Engine Yard Express image and Vertebra at his talk. Since they’re now public I’ll probably start blogging about both of those projects from time to time. Finally. :-)

If anyone starts using the Engine Yard Express image and has any problems, comments or suggestions, please email me @ work … emuller (at) engineyard (.dot.) com.