The Year That Was Two (i.e. 2007/2008 in review)

So, for me last year was really 2008 & 2007. I never really took the time to slow down at the end of 2007 and reflect on the year. I just ended up rolling right into 2008.

At the time I was building clusters for Engine Yard, among other duties. That combined with a new baby and crazy travel schedule made for very little time during the holiday season for anything but a brief visit with my mothers on x-mas day to open presents with the kids and have breakfast.

So long story short, the last year, for me at least, was really two years. Two very mixed years.


  • Interlix was going strong.
  • I started working for Engine Yard in June of 2007 as a contractor.
  • Mia was born on July 3rd, 2007.
  • I got my current bike, a Triump Sprint ST, after successfully selling my Victory on eBay.
  • Geekerz was still around.
  • I played EVE occasionally, at least until I started working for EY and I pulled myself out of Geekerz.
  • With Engine Yard’s help, I moved to Sacramento, CA, escaping Missouri after a little more than 6 years there.
  • I rode my motorcycle out to CA from MO.
  • New house in Sacramento, CA. With a hot tub.
  • Got to see my extended family at my mother’s funeral.
  • Met tons of interesting people by way of Engine Yard.
  • My mother died of complications due to brain cancer.
  • Vapor (aka Daniel Feather) died in a motorcycle accident.
  • Joey died of complications due to cancer.
  • I moved to Sacramento, CA, not the bay area.
  • Still have my house in Republic, MO
  • Couldn’t sell Interlix, ended up closing it down.
  • Not much time for family given my work schedule. But that’s the life of working for a startup.
  • Paying my brothers rent.
If I think of anymore I’ll update the post.

What were your pros and cons of 2008?