Deploying Go Apps to Heroku with Docker

This post covers using the heroku docker cli plugin to deploy a Go application to Heroku. Only Linux and MAC OSX are supported until docker-compose supports MS Windows. Prerequisites Docker: Installable via either the toolbox for MAC OSX or via the Linux getting started guide Docker Compose: Included in the Docker Toolbox. Linux instructions are here Free Heroku Account Heroku Toolbelt Heroku Docker CLI Plugin Please take a look at the links above and make sure everything is installed as per the linked instructions. »

Go + Heroku : Hello World

NOTE: Heroku has launched official support for Go. This is a quick start guide to deploying a simple “Hello World” Go web application to Heroku. It is in no way comprehensive, but aims to provide links to supporting documentation. In many ways it is an updated version of the excellent Getting Started With Go On Heroku guide done by Mark McGranaghan. The guide is command line centric and examples assume basic proficiency with a shell on a UNIX (OS X, Linux, etc) operating system. »