Why Apple, not Google?

I’ve been reading a lot of stuff about Apple’s new products this week (Watch, iPhone 6 & Pay). This got me thinking about why I, for the most part, prefer Apple products over Google products.

Let me preface this by saying, I use a few Google products, most notably Google Apps (GMail, Docs & Sheets) and Google Maps. But I use them reluctantly. I’m always looking to see if Apple’s Map app has caught up (it hasn’t ◉︵◉).

So then, why do I prefer Apple products over Google products?

Apple is selling something to me. It’s offering me a product.

With Google, I am the product that they are selling to others. Google tracks everything you do, all of which is being used to package me up as a product to advertisers. Just go look where and how Google makes it’s money.

With Pay and Watch, Apple will have even more data about my, and every other user’s, online behavior.

In the end, I hope Apples doesn’t do the same thing with it that Google does.

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